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Why Barakah?

We understand that you value integrity, seek genuine connections, and desire sustainable growth. Let’s work together to make ethical marketing the foundation of your success.

Consistently Leading the Way in Ethical Digital Excellence With History's Greatest Principles

Step into the arena of change.

While we prefer to let our work speak for itself, we’re proud to have served clients recognized for their remarkable achievements across various industries. Our ethos, which includes the preservation of faith, life, family, wisdom, and wealth, is tailored to address the unique needs of different sectors.

Our expertise covers marketing strategy, branding, SEO/SEM, content marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and interactive customer journey design. Our innovative approaches have set industry standards across education, healthcare, technology, finance, halal consumer goods, non-profits, and more.

Faith (Deen) Protecting Faith
minaret masjid (mosque) from on a sky blue background
For brands in Healthcare & Wellness, Education & Nonprofits: Venture into a realm where safeguarding the freedom of religion illuminates every campaign. From promoting health services that respect dietary laws and fasting periods to educational programs that celebrate religious diversity, your mission champions the sacred right to faith.
Life (Nafs) Safeguarding Sanctity
man sitting on the top of the mountain watching the sunset from high in the sky
For industries like Healthcare & Wellness, Sustainable & Eco-friendly Brands: Explore paths that honor the sanctity of life. Your ventures prevent harm, promote wellness, and advocate for an environment where every life thrives. From campaigns for healthcare access to initiatives for a greener planet, you're the guardian of tomorrow.
Family (Nasl) Safeguarding Heritage
multi-racial muslim family sitting together in a warm cozy room
For Fashion & Lifestyle, Halal Consumer Goods: Embark on a quest to nurture lineage and heritage. Your brand story intertwines with the fabric of families, celebrating traditions through ethical fashion and halal products that respect familial bonds across generations.
Wisdom (Aql) Preserving Rationality
older philosopher looking man playing chess against AI robot
For Technology & Innovation, Educational Institutions: Delve into the realm of intellect, where your initiatives enlighten minds and protect rationality. Whether it’s through innovative educational tech that broadens minds or platforms that encourage informed discussions, your journey respects the power of knowledge.
Wealth (Mal) Ensuring Fairness
outside home entry decorated with islamic art and mosaics
For Financial Services & Islamic Finance, Real Estate: Navigate the terrain of property and wealth, where fairness and equity rule. Your services ensure transactions are transparent, investments are ethical, and every individual's rights are protected, laying the groundwork for economic justice.

Meet Our Team

We take pride in working with some truly inspiring individuals. Meet your dedicated marketing team! Driven marketers on a mission to create business models that are not only good for people but also enhance your bottom line.

Ziad Itani Chief Pioneer, Co-Founder, Growth & Strategy

Ziad Itani, founder of Barakah Agency, brings over a decade of expertise in digital marketing strategy, lead generation, and revenue optimization. His experience in B2B and B2C uniquely positions him to drive significant growth for ethical companies. As an advocate for positive social change, Ziad is committed to making a lasting societal impact through his work.

Bassam Itani Co-Founder, Customer Success & Loyalty
Bassam Itani is a seasoned ServiceNow Developer known for his proficiency in JavaScript, AngularJS, and HTML/CSS. He excels in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, leveraging technology to drive significant business value and client success.
Tarek Itani Co-Founder, Technology & AI Innovation
JPEG image-41E5-9FB7-F6-0
Tarek Itani, with nearly six years of industry experience, specializes in cloud architecture, cybersecurity, and AI research. His expertise in integrating AI solutions and emerging technologies ensures Barakah Agency stays at the forefront of digital innovation, providing advanced, tailored solutions for clients.

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